BunBats! Oh dear – Screenshot

BunBats on the move

Well, In the last WIP release, (I’m pretty sure is in that) you can meet one of the Bunbats, a local wildlife creature which have somehow become pretty big. Normally a foot tall, they are sexually agressive predators.

Now, in the real world.. basically, that doesn’t happen.. Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem ‘In Memoriam A.H.H.’ famously uses the line “Tho’ Nature, red in tooth and claw”. It wasn’t an original term and wasn’t right at all.. Nature isn’t like that..

Sure, alot of things are a bit.. iffy.. like some forms of Dolphin (it isn’t one race, unlike humans, but a group of races) do form gangs in order to team up to get a female to male, and a number of animals like Dolphins and Lions are known to kill the young of a previous pack leader in order to get the females into heat and then breed with them but… if you know the term, it isn’t the same.. While Darwin’s views were very.. basic compared to what we know now, Tennyson’s views were pre-Darwin.. it was shown to be soo out of date even by then..

Some animals are known to engage in interspecies  sex.. well, alot of it is more masturbation but still.. if species are very close, like some Cats, Dogs, Horses etc, they can interbread and you get various different types (Ligers, different dog Breeds, Donkeys, Mules etc) but that’s about it..

However, this is isn’t the real world. Bunbats are also bloody blind. well.. they are called Bunbats  as they are like Bats and Bunnies. Oh and because I love world building, though I also am very much in the view of don’t spent too much time doing that, that your final product has not story, There real name is ‘Leporptero’ which is… well, pretty easy to see why. Bunbat is the common name for them which most people call them. which is something that happens alot in the real world.. In this world, they are sexual predators, probebly partly cause they are known to have large penis’ for their body size.. something which is gonna cause some trouble for Jinny as she has to avoid them..

Like I said, in the last WIP you can meet one.. but by the time you get to this room… you have a couple you need to deal with.. 

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