Perditus Game Status – Round-up #2

Time for another Round up of some of the current status of Perditus. Again, more regular updates are on Patreon as well as some WIP releases.

More and more of Act 2 has been done with more of the characters who first appear there having been added. Including Bria and Tatyana as well as .. Marcia Anastasia, the maid. As well as a number of locations

Jinny in the Dark
Above: Jinny in a dark Corridor showing off an area she needs to use a newly acquired torch to visit, with a light glow around her.

As well as wandering around talking to people, Jinny can start to deal with looking for items in order to make a replacement fuse, which involves going through some more vents with some interesting encounters. As well as the new torch, which gives a glow of light around her in dark areas, giving some but not perfect lighting to the area.

There are some mini quests which can be started but as the time of writing this, not completed though.

It’s been a bit of a bugger for me last year.. and my mental health has been affected and that is creating issues leading to some things taking longer than I would like but then… well, If I keep going on with this it’s not gonna be good so I’ll just say I’m trying to work harder to get more of this done at a faster pace..

Jinny and Rae in the Bath
Jinny meeting Rae in the bathroom in an optional mini quest scene. This also shows off a minor bug being worked on as the top shouldn’t be white.

Well… This a bugger.. As I’m writing this over a few days something has to come up.. and it involved me taking my mother to A&E (casualty in the old days.. in fact.. I think A&E is outdated now.. sigh) and her having a brief few day stay in hospital.. she is out now but.. yeah.. it might not mean as much to some but yeah.. that has delayed a number of things..

On the good news, apart from doing some animation and some tweaking, one of the optional quests has been completed.. yay.

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