Hints – Fox & Hound – Reichardt Rhapsody

Stuck? Need a helping Hand?

Here are some Hints and help for common problems you might have when playing the game

First will be displayed the Hint, then under it the Spoiler filled ‘Answer’. Click on the text to reveal it.

) Manna Lock Puzzle Code Word – To open the Manna lock in the Castle, you need to rotate the rings to form the code word. Maybe if you give up, you can look around for some written information on the subject.

Click here for a Stronger hint You’ll not be able to solve this at first, If you give up by clicking on the back arrow, you will be able to find a scrap of paper which states some information.

) Access Code Lock – To unlock the Keypad door, notice that Green means you have a correct Number in the right place, where red means you have a correct number but in the wrong place.

Click here for a Stronger hint Look at the bottom row of numbers. None of them are correct. The one above that, we know one of them is correct but in the wrong place. As both 5 and 8 are in the bottom row and we know they aren’t correct, it has to be the number 1 as the correct number. However, we know it is in the wrong place. Looking at the second set of numbers, we also see a number 1 but in a different and also wrong place due to the red light. This now means we know for a fact that the number must start with a 1 in the first position. Using this, you should be able to work out the final two numbers and work out their positions.