Fire! Fire!

Playsafe Fire Extinguishers and Appliances Label by Tempy

This is a bit of a fluff update.. the attached image is the Label from the Fire extinguishers which appear throughout Perditus. I took the basic idea and layout from existing ones but there are a couple of joke/references i put into it which.. well.. very few people will understand or ‘get’ the joke, and less will see in game cause.. it’s a bit too small, but I like putting such detail and attention to it when I can.

The two references are techinally a reference to the same thing, but kinda two things.. I’ll go with the big one.. the Company name is ‘PlaySafe Fire Extinguishers and Appliances’. I came up with this design pretty much myself as no fixed design seams to exist (or atlest one I can get).. though there are some other ‘fan’ ideas and stuff.. What is that a reference to? Best to explain this in the long way..

In 1974, the BBC released a sitcom called ‘Happy Ever After’. it was written by John T. Chapman, Eric Merriman, Chris Bond, John Kane and Jon Watkins. The Pilot episode was from one of BBCs ‘tryout’ shows “The Comedy Playhouse”.. soo many good comedys came from that one.. written by John Chapman and Eric Merriman. It started Terry Scott (well known British Comedy actor) , June Whitfield (another well known British actor, mostly in Comedy) and Beryl Cooke (Also, well known). They played Married couple Terry and June a middleaged couple in the middle-class whoese daughters have grown up and left, and now, Aunt Lucy and her talking Mynah bird. Good show, very popular. In 1979, it’s final episode (number 41, after 5 series). Now.. I don’t 100% know BUT it’s said that at the time, it was believed the show had it’s time and it was time to move on to another show.. Classic UK shows have not only much shorter series lengths (with far less writers) then US Shows and often don’t like to wear out there welcome too much. It’s said that John Chapman, one of the main writers and creators of the show was the one that stated it had run out of ideas. However, it was felt there was more that could be done and it was still popular. Due to legal issues (it’s claimed), things had to change in the way of names.

So from 1979, the SAME year Happy Ever After finished, a new show started called ‘Terry and June’. It starts off with Terry and June movin into a new house. While the surname was changed, they were playing the same Terry and June from Happy Ever after, but without Aunt Lucy and the Mynah bird. it’s … mm.. I don’t know if you can call it a Follow on.. what with the name, but it was pretty much. John Kane, one of the writers from the original series, wrote most of the episodes. It was debatable more popular as it lasted 9 series, with 65 episodes from 1979 to 1987. Some people started to moan at this show as was more of a ‘cozy’ 70s feel but.. so? shows were more popular then and there are SUCH a host of british comedies from that area which are still popular today. but by the mid ages, ‘alternative’ comedes were coming all the range and you had to talk more about sex and drugs and swear etc.. The final series was not intended to be the last and series 10 had some scripts in the early stages but BBC were starting to feel ’embrassed’ about popular yet older style shows (yeah.. BBC started to REALLY go down hill by the end of the 80s) and Terry Scott himself said he started to feel it was time to move onto something else.So after series 9, it was just not renewed for the 10th, nor the film they had ideas for (again, BBC did ALOT of films of good comedies in them days.. ITV did some but mostly BBC).

Now.. what does all this have to do with this picture? well.. In Terry and June, Terry worked for ‘PlaySafe Fire Extinguishers and Appliances’ in the head of.. well.. I think a marketing division, with ‘friend’ Malcolm Harris (played by 3 different actors due to various reasons (Terency Alexander had become unavaiable for the christmas special one year as he had started as a main role on a drama show ‘Bergerac’, so was replaced by Tim Barrett, who carred on for about 4 years until.. for some reason I don’t know, he left and was replaced by John Quayle for the final 2 series.)) and boss of the company Sir Dennis Hodge (Reginald Marsh who was good in soo many things.. He is yet another well known face of British Comedy).

So.. that’s the first reference.. and the second? well, the lines below says it’s for the T2000S model.. now, some might think this is a terminator reference.. not a chance.. (well, the second film was okay.. the first was too… well, i’m not big on action with little plot.. and of course, i won’t go into the whole thing about what plot there is being.. erm ‘borrowed’ for the film.. look into that if you like and draw you own ideas.. it’s not so much an end product comprassion but earlier and based on what was stated by the people making it..

It’s in fact, ANOTHER Terry and June Reference! In Series 9 episode 2 (overall episode 60) ‘The Mole’, a brand new State of the Art Fire extinguisher is being made.. the Titan 2000! it’s major new feature? It talks! so you can find it in the dark and through smoke. However, the blueprints go missing and Terry is blamed so various things happen. The Titan 2000 is the T2000 bit.. the S? … no clue.. speaking? maybe.. probebly just felt like that bit.

So the company name is a direct reference to the show as a whole, and that model name is a reference to a certain episode. While I have the series on DVD, i’m not sure if it’s been pirated to youtube (which I would NOT recommend as pirating ones like that hurts the shows and people getting them), or it’s been officially released there, in which case I’m fine with that.

BunBats! Oh dear – Screenshot

BunBats on the move

Well, In the last WIP release, (I’m pretty sure is in that) you can meet one of the Bunbats, a local wildlife creature which have somehow become pretty big. Normally a foot tall, they are sexually agressive predators.

Now, in the real world.. basically, that doesn’t happen.. Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem ‘In Memoriam A.H.H.’ famously uses the line “Tho’ Nature, red in tooth and claw”. It wasn’t an original term and wasn’t right at all.. Nature isn’t like that..

Sure, alot of things are a bit.. iffy.. like some forms of Dolphin (it isn’t one race, unlike humans, but a group of races) do form gangs in order to team up to get a female to male, and a number of animals like Dolphins and Lions are known to kill the young of a previous pack leader in order to get the females into heat and then breed with them but… if you know the term, it isn’t the same.. While Darwin’s views were very.. basic compared to what we know now, Tennyson’s views were pre-Darwin.. it was shown to be soo out of date even by then..

Some animals are known to engage in interspecies  sex.. well, alot of it is more masturbation but still.. if species are very close, like some Cats, Dogs, Horses etc, they can interbread and you get various different types (Ligers, different dog Breeds, Donkeys, Mules etc) but that’s about it..

However, this is isn’t the real world. Bunbats are also bloody blind. well.. they are called Bunbats  as they are like Bats and Bunnies. Oh and because I love world building, though I also am very much in the view of don’t spent too much time doing that, that your final product has not story, There real name is ‘Leporptero’ which is… well, pretty easy to see why. Bunbat is the common name for them which most people call them. which is something that happens alot in the real world.. In this world, they are sexual predators, probebly partly cause they are known to have large penis’ for their body size.. something which is gonna cause some trouble for Jinny as she has to avoid them..

Like I said, in the last WIP you can meet one.. but by the time you get to this room… you have a couple you need to deal with.. 

Brief Update Time

Well, been working a bit since the last WIP build release.

I’ve got all the locations that you can visit in act 1 in the game, though one is VERY rough as I’m having problems with figuring out just the best way to do what I want with that room.

There is also a bit of a tricky issue with the one character… I wonder if i should do a little bit of writing about fitting characters to stories vs stories to fit characters.. maybe on my FA and SF sites.. but that is kinda related to this in a way…

anyway.. It’s quite nice to get them sorted out, even though I’ll probably been tweaking bits and adding interaction points etc over time (for example, there are a couple of bits in rooms already seen in the WIP builds which don’t have too much you can do with them because you can’t do them or have the stuff to do that until much later.

I’m kinda trying to do something that for me, seams impossible.. advertise… While I would like more supporters on my Patreon of course, It’s not the end of the world. But I would really like just people being interested or caring about my work..

Already got one of the new characters you briefly see in Act 1 designed, and looking pretty nice, which will help me on another more Major (to act 1) character.. who is going be a real pain to design.. Gonna be fun though ^_^

Well… maybe I’ll have a image or two later in the month but maybe next month more likely

Washing in the Shower

Jinny in the Shower Preview

As Perditus is.. well, much bigger then Fox & Hound, it kinda also gives me more points for short fun movie clips. I’m trying to do something I should always do but fail, and that is paying to my strengths. I’m not the worlds best animator and artist. My style leads itself more to a set style of animation and i should more embrace that then I do. I think this clip in the game works well for that. It’s kinda a completely optional bonus and while should be fairly easy to find, I’m not gonna say much.

Bits and pieces and stuff

Well.. I need not go into some rubbish that some people have but I will say kinda been having a bit of up and down with my depression and other people’s attuites and responses.. 

Anyway… Work on the game has been slightly slower then I would have liked but still going fairly okay.

Right now, I’m in fact, debating something. There are plans for a number of readables you can find and read. fair enough…. BUT, the question is.. do I have an folder?

What I mean is, once you  have read something, do I have Jinny basically carry a copy of it with her so you can re-read and go over various readables when ever you like? OR do I just do it that if you want to re-read it, you kinda need to go back to where it was? IF I have it that you don’t keep a copy, then there will probably be LESS readables in the game as a whole, compared to if you can pick them up..

At one point, and this is something I did think about for Fox & Hound, I was thinking of Jinny keeping a diary or notebook which stores some information.. however, that seams pretty out of character for her. It would kinda be a bit odd for her to keep picking up pieces of paper and the like, but I could get around how stuff is ‘collected’ in that way..

I sometimes have a very hard time committing myself to one idea if I have to decide things like this.. very annoying

Perditus WIP October 2020

Sorry this is kinda a quick post but the current Perditus WIP release has been released on Patreon for $5+ pledge level.

This WIP release contains the first 9 locations in the game, a few short animation scenes and a couple of the sex animation scenes as well as a number of bits showing the much more advance engine then the first.

You can download the new WIP via my Patreon page for the $5 pledge and above.