Metal Figures for Sale


It gives me great pleasure to reveal something awesome I got a little while back. I commissioned Geoff at Oakbound Games ( to do a series of 6 figures based on my works. I feel he did a fantastic job and would like to thank him for the hard work he put into these. I’ll call them the Fables of Fulosus Series 1 figures! I kinda wanted to get a set painted up to show before putting them up for sale, but… that is gonna take a while… big paint queue… and it depends on what mood I’m in and how well I think it’s turning out.

The picture above shows the metal figures for sale (my thanks to Vanja for the photo). Below this it shows art I drew of my characters. At the bottom it shows the ‘greens’ (original sculpts) created by the talented Geoff at Oakbound Games, which are not for sale. The figures are all 28mm scale and can be used for collection or playing in many games which use the 28mm scale.

The Figures included in the set are:

* Jinny (From Perditus)

* Patch & Artemis (From Fox & Hound),

* Hazel Fife & Jenny Furry (From Furry & Fife games on Ero-Mania (demo of the first game available on my personal site)

* Izanami (My signature girl)

Now… technically, Furry & Fife (and Izanami) aren’t in Fables of Fulosus but… not saying anything ^_^ No reason Furry & Fife aren’t connected to the series, and Izanami has cameo references in both games so far.

So… How do you get a set? I have limited numbers (though possible to get more cast up if something stupid happens and people want more). While I’m based in the UK and would prefer UK orders, possible for ones outside the UK but bear in mind Shipping prices which I would have to check up on a case-by-case basis. But, Base price is £30 for 6 Metal (pewter I believe) figures. No bases are supplied but they aren’t hard to get to suit your usage (I mostly play skirmish games which are based on small groups, So I used 30mm round lipped bases, but you can use round, square, hex, whatever you want ^_^)

These are created from hand sculpted models, hand moulded and cast in the UK by small UK companies.

So… Contact me via PM or, well, it’s not too hard to contact me.

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