FoF E2 – Perditus

The Second game in the Fables of Fulosus Series: Perditus.


2 - Perditus DEMO 348.70 MB 118 downloads

The Second in the Fables of Fulosus series: Perditus Jinny is a depressive who has...

Jinny is a depressive who has had enough of things and is looking for a new start. But new starts aren’t always what you want them to be and you never know what’s around the corner.


  • Point and Click gaming Adventure
  • Over 50 Locations
  • Numerous NPCs to interact with
  • Multiple Animated Sex scenes
  • Unique Art style of Tempy

Patreon Supports ($10+ Tiers);

  • Wildside Comix

Jinny Leto, Depressive fed up with her current life and is hoping to start over.

FoF: Perditus was designed using FlashDevelop & Adobe Flash. Runs as Windows Executable (exe) thanks to SWF Studio by Northcode. Game copyright 2022 Studio Tempy.