About Tempy

I go by the name ‘Tempy’. I’m an artist, Programmer and Depressive.

My own site has been for some years located at ‘tempysart.com‘. you need to sign up for a free account to view adult content. This was done along time back for a good reason which may or may not be valid still. When i was much younger, I was known for my ‘Macro Sonic Dating Sim’. It has a number of problems and was stolen alot, and hacked. It was a typical Dating sim for it’s time. Not the best, not the worse. Some complains about it are people looking back at a game 5-10 years after it was made. that’s pretty unfair at times but oh well. I did a much less stolen Patched version which fixed alot of problems but oh well.

I am a frequent contributor and dare I say, one of the founding (as in one of the first) artists on the website version of Ero-Mania, at Ero-mania.net. This is a pay site which only features ORIGINAL content (no stolen characters or anything nasty like that). I have done a fair bit there, Artwork, Comics, movies and Games, including ‘Paradise hotel’ which was really the step up from Macro Sonic Dating Sim, and the “Furry & Fife” series.

Now on to some bits a little less talked about. I’m an Active volunteer in some local groups and organisations. And I’m a depressive.

Alot of rubbish is said about depression.. people love it when they are a bit down so they say “Boy, I’m really depressed”.. I was going to write some kind of comparison to something else that is just WAY overblown like that but.. I can’t think of anything right now. I’m on a fair number of tablets, I’ve gone through I don’t know how many courses and the like. Sometimes it can take ages before I can pick up a pencil and draw cause I think everything is going to be rubbish.. in fact, there was the one drawing a while back now that I did, and then for the rest of the day was trying to deal with how useless I am and how I was ever able to fool people into thinking I had some form of talent. luckily, with some help, I was mostly better after a few days and redrew the whole thing and it was better and I was left with ‘I’m not as good as I should be or used to be, but I have some form of talent’.. not fantastic that but better.

Progression of work is highly linked to the depression.. it’s not like someone can say “Cheer up” and you are suddenly all happy-happy again.. I don’t have a huge amount of support for various things but I have pretty good support I think.

Well.. I don’t go into a huge amount of detail on myself really but hopefully that’ll give some information to some people. feel free to ask questions… just depending on some questions you might not get a fantastic answer ^_^