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Just a quick note to let people know:
As many who will read this know “Fox & Hound – Reichardt Rhapsody” has been released.

I have been working on the next FoF game: Perditus. This game is set in a different time in a different place, but is still part of the Fables of Fulosus world,

It stars Jinny, a female Fox as the main character, and features a point and click on screen character. More information is and will be available on the Patreon page as the game progresses.

Fox & Hound – Reichardt Rhapsody released!

The first Fables of Fulosus game has been released in full!

Fox & Hound – Reichardt Rhapsody tells of a pair of bounty hunters who come into town and start a hunter for the phantom thief ‘Nyxel’.

You can download the exe installer version here: or in the downloads section.

A bit thanks to all Patreon pledgers for there support and work on the next game has already started and early information out to Patreon pledgers

Patreon Early Release

Fox & Hound Cover

Sorry for lack of updates here, but Fables of Fulosus: Fox & Hound – Reichardt Rhapsody has now been released for Patreon backers as part of the Early release tier levels. Basically, the game is complete. If any bugs turn up, I will be addressing them, and I’m doing a bit of testing for an Android release which I wanted to do, so I’ll see how that goes, but the main release is done.

It was released as an Air file installer, but I have updated that to a nice exe, but will give the Air file for people that want that way instead.. the reason I changed it was I was very forgetful. I totally forgot that despite being a captive runtime, which means the player for the game and everything needed is included in one package, the air file installer itself, needs Adobe Air to be installed, which completely defeats the whole point of the CR ¬_¬..

EXE installer removes that problem..

Anyway, the Full public release is now locked in for Sunday 3rd of November 2019

Cunrumpo handjob animation

Well, Just finished off the last remaining Sex scene (bar the battle) that i needed to finish off for Act 2. damn, things slow down way too much.. Well, this little gif above isn’t from that scene.. i think it might be a bit of a spolier ^_^; so it’s from another bit.. Still nice sex through right?

I’m doing a bit of polish right now, and really trying to get a few things right and myself sorted out enough that I can fully focus on getting Act 2 complete..

Vanja’s World » Blog Archive » Artemis and “Lime Slime” enemy (Fables of Fulosus)

Source: Vanja’s World » Blog Archive » Artemis and “Lime Slime” enemy (Fables of Fulosus)

Here’s a fanart of Artemis and the “Lime Slime” enemy (based on the “Horny Attack”) in Tempy’s Patreon-supported game series “Fables of Fulosus” ^_^

Here’s the link to the official website:

And this is the link to the Patreon page:

You can see more of my furry-related artwork in the gallery section “Furries” ^_^

Another great fan art image from Vanja, as if I couldn’t say enough good things about her.

Birds and Bees.. mostly Bees…

Here is a quick video showing of the new path control movement for Characters. In this video, the Bee is commanded to wait for a while, then fly across the screen, then wait, then fly back facing the other way. It also shows off that labels will follow the characters. Gives a bit more life to the place.

There is also a small update with a frame to make things look a bit better without making the screen too crowded or blocked.


Combat Ready Hound

Lets have a look at this.. What do you see? simple.
1) a New Enemy: Female Skeleton. Much like the Male one which plagues Artemis, the Female Skeleton is a Physical attack based monster Patch finds in the ruins.
2) Hounds Battle Pose/image. The old Artemis one has been updated too, but this is the now the first time Patch’s is visible.
What you can’t see?
3) Female Skeleton Sex Animation.. That was a pain to work out. Skeleton’s don’t seam to lead themselves much to sexyness.
4) Patch’s Act 2. It’s going pretty well
5) Artemis’ new Battle pose.
6) Misc stuff that has been done.
What needs to be done?
– All of Act 3
-Second and third section of Patch’s Act 2
-Third section of Artemis’ Act 2
-Patch’s Flirt animation
-One more Monster