Bits and pieces and stuff

Well.. I need not go into some rubbish that some people have but I will say kinda been having a bit of up and down with my depression and other people’s attuites and responses.. 

Anyway… Work on the game has been slightly slower then I would have liked but still going fairly okay.

Right now, I’m in fact, debating something. There are plans for a number of readables you can find and read. fair enough…. BUT, the question is.. do I have an folder?

What I mean is, once you  have read something, do I have Jinny basically carry a copy of it with her so you can re-read and go over various readables when ever you like? OR do I just do it that if you want to re-read it, you kinda need to go back to where it was? IF I have it that you don’t keep a copy, then there will probably be LESS readables in the game as a whole, compared to if you can pick them up..

At one point, and this is something I did think about for Fox & Hound, I was thinking of Jinny keeping a diary or notebook which stores some information.. however, that seams pretty out of character for her. It would kinda be a bit odd for her to keep picking up pieces of paper and the like, but I could get around how stuff is ‘collected’ in that way..

I sometimes have a very hard time committing myself to one idea if I have to decide things like this.. very annoying

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