Brief Update Time

Well, been working a bit since the last WIP build release.

I’ve got all the locations that you can visit in act 1 in the game, though one is VERY rough as I’m having problems with figuring out just the best way to do what I want with that room.

There is also a bit of a tricky issue with the one character… I wonder if i should do a little bit of writing about fitting characters to stories vs stories to fit characters.. maybe on my FA and SF sites.. but that is kinda related to this in a way…

anyway.. It’s quite nice to get them sorted out, even though I’ll probably been tweaking bits and adding interaction points etc over time (for example, there are a couple of bits in rooms already seen in the WIP builds which don’t have too much you can do with them because you can’t do them or have the stuff to do that until much later.

I’m kinda trying to do something that for me, seams impossible.. advertise… While I would like more supporters on my Patreon of course, It’s not the end of the world. But I would really like just people being interested or caring about my work..

Already got one of the new characters you briefly see in Act 1 designed, and looking pretty nice, which will help me on another more Major (to act 1) character.. who is going be a real pain to design.. Gonna be fun though ^_^

Well… maybe I’ll have a image or two later in the month but maybe next month more likely

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