The year begins

Lets see about a quick yearly write up or something..  Last year wasn’t a fantastic year.. fair number of close deaths, some traggrys, upsets etc.. some good of course.. quite often a bad needs to happen for a good to happen.. I still haven’t fully gotten over a death in March which.. has kinda upset me that i haven’t gotten over it.. It was there time.. they had a happy life and said goodbye.. the Death has lead to a joy.. you can’t replace someone in your life. You love each person in a different way, but it’s still love.

I think one problem is despite various things happening, my personal issues like the depression hasn’t really gotten ‘better’. It’s nothing something that is a cure for depression. There are various things that can help or depending on the cause or reason, there may be something that can be done but its very tricky…

Anyway.. I think I pointed out one major issue in the past.. You feel you can’t do something cause it’s not going to be any good, you feel down about not doing it, which makes you feel too down to do the work cause it’ll just be bad if you do it, which makes you feel down about not doing it etc.. So you need a push at times.. Sometimes i’m able to do that push myself, sometimes not. I don’t really have any one that can give me a physical push in this matter, so i have to make do with ‘virtual’ push.. which doesn’t carry as much weight.. but it helps..

anyway.. Thus things have moved a bit slower then I wanted, but things are moving well.. some redesigns have taken place over the year… but things look good..

Oh and what has this to do with the Image? I’m not sure how much i would be giving away by explaining ^_^ but just say, it’s something going pretty well.

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