Status Report #3

Been a while since i posted as a Status report..

Act 2 is going okay, atleast the Artemis side. Act 2 is kinda in 2 parts.. the Main part of it, and a smaller part.. the main part for Artemis is mostly done. I’m tweaking stuff, Adding bits etc.

Some tweaks to Act 1 have been done as well. I’m doing a little bug testing in Act 2.. I have started to add vocal sounds.

Currently I’m working on the Artemis-Marcia animation and dealing with a little bug related to her. I won’t deny, partly due to… this year (which hasn’t been fantastic), there have been some delays and things taking a little bit longer then expected, but this first one would take longer then later on as the main engine and stuff is being made.

And as i’m writing this, i look outside and see heavy snow.. It’s started to die down but since at about 8 it was pouring down heavy with rain, by 8:30 it had some sleet in it, and by 9 it had turned into Snow (which was settling even in the rain soaked areas) it might be an interesting week.. had to not go into some volunteer work today cause tried to get out and it wasn’t happening.. this gives me a bit less time more then more time surprisingly..

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