Tweaks and something

Act 2 is in the works but a little slower right now because thanks to some feedback on the Demo, I’ve been making some tweaks. There are still more to do and they aren’t anything that is really gonna affect a lot but takes a bit of time of course.

In this image, you will see about 3 of the tweaks. First, there is the ‘Look/examine’ button. Clicking on this brings up the text labels on items that can be interacted with. In this image, you can see the Couple and four click points. Clicking on the labels will give a comment on them.

The next bit is the outline on that text. There is also outline on dialogue text which makes it much easier to read for people that were having trouble.

And final in this image, is the Couple themselves. a few new characters have been added to places just to expand the world a bit more.

There are other tweaks and bits being done but this does partly rely on feedback which.. well, i didn’t hold me breath for it being high and it hasn’t so that’s no problem.

I’m sure I’ll have more to show later this month.

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