Act 2 Images

This is a little mash up of some screenshots of Act 2, Artemis’ Story. First we see a shared bit where Artemis and Patch meet someone at the courtyard of the Ruins. The Next one is a search through the barracks. See the pair of eyes? i can’t remember if i said before but that’s the new search feature. well, new for Act 2. When you see them, it that something has caught the eye of our hero and you want to have a look.



The Third is the ‘Horny attack’ of the Lime Slime against Artemis. When a Monster becomes horny, It doesn’t do the normal attacks.. why would it? of course, it’s possible they are too horny to attack or recover from it. Also, weird as it might seem, sometimes our heroes just can’t turn on the monsters.. Some might just not find girls, or guys that attractive. Some creatures might have more then one Horny attack, some only one. and they are animated by the way.

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