WIP 31/10/17 – (Patreon Only)

I have release my latest Patreon Only WIP release, this one just for the $10 level. No new images to share right now but it features the starting half (or so) of Act 2 for Artemis, which has a few number of new locations, half of them don’t have images yet though, Combat with the Slime which has Artemis using 2 different attacks, and the slime with two (Normal and Horny). There are a couple of Puzzles, some new characters etc.

I wanted it to be more complete (or more tided up then it is) but.. well.. due partly to myself, I had a HUGE crash and data lost and kinda just got everything back set up and I wanted a WIP release this month so I had one. And what do you think a WIP build is anyway? I never hid the fact that are a current Build of what is there right now. You should see some old Atari/megadrive WIP games are like.. some are hardly even playable..


Anyway.. things are back into swing (almost full swing but I expect that to happen next week)

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