Fox and Hound – Reichardt Rhapsody – Act 1 Demo Out Now!

Whay! Act 1 of the first Fables of Fulosus game is out game! Fox and Hound – Reichardt Rhapsody The Demo features the Complete Act 1 with: -2 Playable characters -9 Multiscreen Animated Sex scenes -15 Interactable characters -12 Locations -4 Mini-game Puzzles —————– The Demo can be downloaded at: Zip Password: “FullDemoAugust820” While […]

Flashing in the Future

As some may have heard already, Adobe, the current owners of Flash software, have decided to stop support for Flash in 2020. Browsers have already started to stop supporting of Flash. Microsoft have said that’ll stop Flash support for Edge and Internet Explorer in 2019, with ‘full removal’ from Windows in 2020. Google and Mozilla […]

Vanja’s World » Blog Archive » Artemis (Fables of Fulosus)

Source: Vanja’s World » Blog Archive » Artemis (Fables of Fulosus) Here’s a fanart of Artemis, the foxgirl in Tempy’s Patreon-supported game series “Fables of Fulosus” ^_^ Here’s the link to the official website: You can see more of my furry-related artwork in the gallery section “Furries” ^_^ A great Image by the great […]

Brief update news

Well, I have no pictures I want to show you right now but I do have some interesting news. I’m NOT confirming this as a promise or anything, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the full Act 1 demo was out in August this year. The Details on what Act 1 should contain are as […]

Meet Fox and Hound

These are the two main Heroes of the First game, Fox & Hound. The Fox’s name is Artemis, and the Hound’s name is Patch. They are a pair of Bounty Hunters/wanderers for hire. A Classic fantasy gaming start already. In their quest for money, they come up against Puzzles, Mini-quests and people wanting various sexual […]