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Source: Vanja’s World » Blog Archive » Artemis and “Lime Slime” enemy (Fables of Fulosus) Here’s a fanart of Artemis and the “Lime Slime” enemy (based on the “Horny Attack”) in Tempy’s Patreon-supported game series “Fables of Fulosus” ^_^ Here’s the link to the official website: And this is the link to the Patreon […]

Combat Ready Hound

Lets have a look at this.. What do you see? simple. 1) a New Enemy: Female Skeleton. Much like the Male one which plagues Artemis, the Female Skeleton is a Physical attack based monster Patch finds in the ruins. 2) Hounds Battle Pose/image. The old Artemis one has been updated too, but this is the […]

The year begins

Lets see about a quick yearly write up or somthing..  Last year wasn’t a fantastic year.. fair number of close deaths, some traggrys, upsets etc.. some good of course.. quite often a bad needs to happen for a good to happen.. I still haven’t fully gotten over a death in March which.. has kinda upset […]

Rambling Tempy Rumpo

IF you understand the reference in the title, give yourself a pat on the back.. unless you are a certain type of person or an old english person, you are unlikely to understand it with out checking online. Anyway, I wish to spend a few moments talking about some bits and pieces in this game […]

Fox and Hound – Reichardt Rhapsody – Act 1 Demo Update!

After some feedback, I decided to do some minor tweaking and updating for this demo. Updates include: -New NPCs -Improved Fonts -New Label System -Label and location Description system The Demo can be downloaded at: Zip Password: “FullDemoAugust820” While alot of the sound and music is done, there are a number of sounds and […]