Fox and Hound – Reichardt Rhapsody – Act 1 Demo Out Now!

Whay! Act 1 of the first Fables of Fulosus game is out game! Fox and Hound – Reichardt Rhapsody The Demo features the Complete Act 1 with: -2 Playable characters -9 Multiscreen Animated Sex scenes -15 Interactable characters -12 Locations -4 Mini-game Puzzles —————– The Demo can be downloaded at: Zip Password: “FullDemoAugust820” While […]

Vanja’s World » Blog Archive » Artemis (Fables of Fulosus)

Source: Vanja’s World » Blog Archive » Artemis (Fables of Fulosus) Here’s a fanart of Artemis, the foxgirl in Tempy’s Patreon-supported game series “Fables of Fulosus” ^_^ Here’s the link to the official website: You can see more of my furry-related artwork in the gallery section “Furries” ^_^ A great Image by the great […]

Brief update news

Well, I have no pictures I want to show you right now but I do have some interesting news. I’m NOT confirming this as a promise or anything, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the full Act 1 demo was out in August this year. The Details on what Act 1 should contain are as […]

Meet Fox and Hound

These are the two main Heroes of the First game, Fox & Hound. The Fox’s name is Artemis, and the Hound’s name is Patch. They are a pair of Bounty Hunters/wanderers for hire. A Classic fantasy gaming start already. In their quest for money, they come up against Puzzles, Mini-quests and people wanting various sexual […]